I am Günther Schauer , Your certified Thai massage trainer and therapist

...I experienced the benefits of Thai massage for pregnant women when my wife could sleep all night after a massage ...

I have been practicing Thai massage for over 25 years and also teaching Thai massage at my own school Schauer Thai Massage School.

But to be honest, I never thought that this passion, which I have had since I was little, would be so good for my family. And it so happened that in 2020, in the midst of the pandemic outbreak, our little family got the news that my wife was pregnant.
I have never felt so lucky. I usually treat my wife every week, but during her pregnancy she received a Thai Yoga or foot massage almost every day.

Sometimes my wife would tell me in the evening, “I can’t sleep, my lower back hurts, my legs are swollen…”
Then I would do a personalized Thai Yoga Massage session on her to relieve those symptoms and fell asleep.

The next morning my wife was happy, very relaxed, she told me about her feelings and was able to sleep soundly thanks to the Thai Yoga Massage.

Now, in the middle of her 2nd pregnancy, I’m treating her symptoms again…..I always have something to do with that!

Today, with great pride and passion, I receive pregnant women every day to relieve their pregnancy symptoms but also when they need to relax to have adequate mental health during this beautiful moment, pregnancy.

Visit our studio in the heart of Vienna, near the Votive Church.

In this photo my wife: Ludi. Inspiration for the creation of Mamás Thai Massage

Give a pregnant woman the gift of relaxation she deserves at this special time in life!

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