Prenatal Thai Massage

We offer personalised Thai massage treatments to your symptoms and preferences. Our Thai massage offers you deep relaxation and a feeling of inner peace. You will receive a rhythmic and meditative therapy like a moving meditation.

Thai Yoga Massage consists primarily of pressure on energy lines and points and a variety of yoga-like stretching movements.
Depending on what trimester you are in, we use prone, side, back, and seated positions. Thai massage has around 20 different health benefits. Let our therapist help you relax and relieve your symptoms.

Venus Pregnancy Thai Massage

Feel like the goddess you are and enjoy a relaxing Classic Thai massage. Treatment consists of twisting and stretching the chest to improve breathing and stimulate blood flow (upper body and heart). Your upper back will be stretched, as well as your shoulder blades and arms.

60 Minutes- €80

Lotus Thai Massage to relieve stress and anxiety

The goal of this treatment is to relax you to reduce the anxiety you may feel during pregnancy. Our Thai “Lotus” massage focuses on massaging your arms, legs, chest, back, shoulders and especially your feet in a holistic and safe way. Relax deeply while we treat some energetic lines and points.

90 Minutes- €120

Thai Yoga Massage designed only for you

Indulge yourself in the well-being of feeling your symptoms relieved. You deserve a relaxed pregnancy so we will design a treatment that alleviates your symptoms. It doesn’t matter if you have headache or back pain, we will create the perfect routine that will heal your body and mind.

60 Minutes- €80

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