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Postnatal Thai Massage Mobil is a service of Mamás Thai Massage. Enjoy with this gift card. The benefits of Thai massage from the comfort of your own home.

Postnatal Thai Massage Mobile

A service especially for women. Thai massage consists of yoga-like postures. There are also stretches and acupressure points. This unblocks blocked energy pathways. Yin can flow back. Tensions dissolve. Women are freed from suffering.

We treat many symptoms that are typical for pregnant women. This is our passion. Experiences straight from Thailand. Günther studied at the famous Wat Po in Bangkok.

After the massage, relax and take a nap for more enjoyment. Life is simplified and the daily routine is easier.

Our therapist will bring you everything you need for your Thai massage: a massage table, an ideal massage mat. equipment comes from Thailand. Towels, oils, hot Thai compresses, herbal compresses, relaxing music, candles and incense.

60 minutes—€80 to €100, depending on location in Vienna.

If you would like to inquire about availability before booking, please send us your request by email or WhatsApp.


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