Pregnancy Massage Gift Card 75 Min.


Pregnency massage gift card is a great way to make a future mom happy. Relax and enjoy it.


Pregnancy massage gift card, 75minutes

In this respect, a large number of pregnant women suffer from dizziness. Also with this gift card the pregnant woman can use it for any symptoms.

The treatment also includes twisting and stretching, especially of the chest, to improve breathing and stimulate blood flow (upper body and heart). Then your upper back is stretched along with your shoulder blades and arms. We also bend, stretch and rotate the upper body.

Also, energy lines of the legs, including stretches and energy lines of the back. To do this, we use techniques that nourish the liver and kidneys. Nourishes the liver blood and tones the spleen. This massage also includes yoga-like postures such as stretches and acupressure points.

Before the Thai massage begins, our therapist will give you an anamnesis form. This allows you to give us details about your health. In this way we offer you a personal service.

Gift card Venus Pregnancy Massage is a Thai Yoga Massage ideal for pregnant women. In addition, they are performed with smooth and slow movements. Therefore it is not an ordinary Thai massage. In addition, various pads are used to support the abdomen. In this respect, we provide cushions or rolls. This puts the mother in a comfortable position. Whereas the attitude is adjusted in each trimester although each treatment.

Please let us know how many weeks pregnant you are and what symptoms you are currently suffering from.

You also provide us with the details of the recipient of this gift card. We will then e-mail you a PDF of this gift card. The expectant mother should therefore fill out the following anamnesis form online.

In this respect, the prices for the Vienna zone (except districts 21, 22, 19, 20, 2, 11) apply. Fees on request depending on the distance. But also Lower Austria. This means that the costs for the journey are low, which is why we only charge for the least effort for the journey. Also sustainable with an electric car.


Gift cards can also be transferred to other names or to a Thai massage.


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